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SprayFoamSafety.com is a public service website guide to help homeowners, builders, spray foam applicators, consumers and trade professionals to identify the safety hazards and understand correct procedures associated with the safe usage, installation, and handling of spray foam materials and foam insulation kits.

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Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a highly-effective and widely used insulation and air sealant material. However, exposures to its key ingredient, isocyanates such as "MDI," and other SPF chemicals in vapors, aerosols, and dust during and after installation can cause adverse health effects if not handled or applied properly. Read more about SPF health concerns.

Information on this SprayFoamSafety.com is aimed at helping to ensure the safety of SPF applicators and building occupants where SPF is installed. It is also aimed at providing safety and scientific information to professionals in business, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies involved with polyurethane foam.

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